Sunday, July 6, 2008

narcotrafficking, flooding deaths, commie students

There is a high ranking group of narcotraffickers in El Salvador, as well as Central America, known as "Los Perrones". They have infiltrated most levels of the government, and high ranking members of the narcotics police have recently been arrested. The "supreme" leaders of this group are rumored to be in Honduras, but this special forces police raid went after some leaders in El Salvador, in a town 2.5 hours outside of San Salvador, San Miguel.
The first pic is of a young agent, a fairly intense guy, while getting a mission briefing.

Here they are approaching the home of the number 2 leader of the Los Perrones, and in the the 3rd photo, arresting him. He had a nice house (by Salvadoran standards, super upper class), and drove a BMW. Upon being arrested, he said "a man can't make money to eat well?"

While we were on the raid in the middle of the night, we had the news that a bus had crashed, killing 30 people. The rain in El Salvador was extremely strong, causing 18 other deaths across the country by flooding, accidents, and houses collapsing.
We drove directly to the crash, arriving at 6:30am. The victims were on the way back from a church service, and the crazy amounts of rain had washed the bus off the road. The strong current washed the bus downstream and crushed the bus. Here, the Green Cross rescue squad is lowering to salvage bodies. There were bodies sticking out of the wreckage, and after I took some high-power zoom photos, family members lined up to look at my camera images to see if it was their husband, wife, mother, father, or child.

While all this was going on, some students blockaded the front of the El Salvador National University (UES), protesting this and that. They were strictly amatures, however, trying to block the road with sticks and pieces of junk, and became irritated when the media became tired with their antics and wandered off to eat breakfast. Here, one of the protesters is bored and sitting in the road.